Being communication and artistic marketing pioneers in France, we chose to remain open to all styles: after all, talent knows no predefined borders or genres. Employ our musical PR expertise and optimise communication for your demo, single, EP, album, video or event. That way, your project will reach a wider audience and make an impact, without its authenticity ever being compromised.


Releasing an album is not an achievement but a beginning. Today, it’s a business card that allows you to spread your music through audiences, medias, and professionals. Promotion expands your exposure : our role as press agents is to intervene with our network and our method.



Promotional video is your visual signature : it can be broadcast on the Internet as well as on TV. Let us handle your video preview so that we can orchestrate the best teasing and announce your forthcoming album release.


Touring goes hand in hand with press relation to help you widen your audience. We are backing you efficiently in the promotional organisation of your tour by highlighting your key dates such as festivals, Parisian shows or significant openings.



Since 2018 we have had two club promotion managers working at the Dooweet Agency. We have connections with over 500 French and 1200 international DJs. We work with Yacast, Extraclub and DJbuzz as well as in close collaboration with DJs (email/ telephone follow-ups provision of promotional CDs…)


While an artist or their work is promoted via the communication surrounding their talent, the commercial side of this campaign is also highly significant. Dooweet offers comprehensive music promotion thanks to complete and continuous musical marketing, with particular emphasis on the digital sphere (internet, social media, influencers…).



Your artistic project needs a total attention. We help you define realistic goals and we are backing you day after day. We are focusing on legal, logistic and financial framework : from looking out for partners to administrative procedures (registration to civil societies).


We develop your social media presence:playlist entries and promotion on digital platforms such as Deezer and Spotify, promotion through our Major Account presence on Facebook and Youtube… What’s more, since 2019, we have also been working with influencers, renown French and international Youtubers, as well as major e-sports stars who are specialists on their musical styles of choice and happily offer their opinions on camera regarding the albums which we send them.

These days, to promote an event, album, artist, or any other music-related project, you can choose from any number of tools and communication methods. But it is still essential to know them well in order to use them correctly and set yourself apart from competitors in an industry in perpetual motion. As a matter of fact, over recent years, the music industry has changed considerably. Now, artists can record tracks without having to rely on professional studios. The musical landscape is therefore very diverse and new talent is emergingall the time. This is why it’s important to assemble an appropriate team from the start so that you can stand out and find your public.

At Dooweet, music promotion, communicationsand marketing have been our speciality since 2012. We use these skills to support your project and help you to gain more visibility by using the right tools to promote it. Every member of our team is passionate about music and wants to bring our knowledge, network and expertise to bear to promote the art that is such a big part of our lives. By entrusting the promotion of your project in France and abroad to us, you will be surrounded by a team of experts whose music marketing advice will be a huge advantage.


To ensure your visibility and to inspirethe public, it is no longer enough to rely on traditional media. Investing in tools other than the written press, radio and television is now paramount. The internet, in a general sense, has become unavoidable. This includes social networks as well as music streaming platforms and influencers. However, faced with so much choice, diversity and competition, it’s not always easy to identify the correct strategy to promote your music.

This is why our agency offers you support in your project so that you will be able to distinguish yourself among fellow artists, events, albums or clubs, without ever sacrificing your authenticity. Just the opposite, this is your strength. It makes you unique and we intend to highlight this to develop your visibility and prominence. We therefore adapt our music marketing and communicationsstrategies to each project that is entrusted to us. We take your music, your story and your idiosyncrasiesinto account in order to optimise your promotion.


In the beginning, when the Dooweet adventure began, we specialised in media relations, marketing and communications for artists. We subsequentlyextended our services to all the actors in the music industry. And, over the past few years, we have incorporated new services into our catalogue to offer you genuine 360° support. As of today, we offer the following services:

  • press secretary
  • album/EP, single/video
  • events, clubs and DJ promotion
  • musical marketing and advertising
  • development advice
  • relationships with influencers.

And recently, we have added yet another string to our bow: club and festival bookings for established artists. If you are interested, we invite you to contact our agency. We are here to explain our services in detail and help you to implement an effective strategy to promote your project.