We develop your social presence : inclusion on playlists, highlights on digital platforms such as Deezer and Spotify, highlights on iTunes and YouTube through our Majour Account exposure, selection and development of your social networks according to your audience and the countries you want to reach. You won’t increase the loyalty of your fans by leading them up to your favorite application, but by being available on the ones they are already using, without losing time to develop the ones that won’t have a strong impact. Your digital presence will be one of the keys to your success on this all-digital era.


We are working closely with the artistic directors of all relevant streaming and digital online sale platforms (Deezer, Spotify, iTunes…) to guarantee your availability on playlists, highlights, newsletters dedicated to your albums releases and of course sharing on social networks, in order to get your fanbase at the core of the different services it uses.


Who could ignore social networks ? How to do the best choice ? We target your audience and choose with you the most adequately adapted applications to your fans. Facebook is unquestionably the European leader, but did you hear about VK, Weibo our WeChat that claim more than one billion users ?

We also work for you with numerous « influencers » who will help getting the best online exposure.

Since 2017, we also work with renowned French and international Youtubers, as well as professional electonic sports players (League of Legends) specialists in their favorite music styles, who do not hesitate to give their opinion on camera about the albums we send them.