Leaders of this activity, Hors Antenne provide a full range of products and services built on skill in the art of collecting and using press, promotional and corporate files : updates on a daily basis, databases available online. This software allows us everyday to be aware of the new arrivals or departures of journalists in editorial staffs.

EPK creation, journalistic data management, and musis protection software. Your songs are “watermarked” and we are able to know who did download them and what use was made of them. Haulix is often used by professionals and offers a powerful and unlimited tool for creating, managing and protecting your contents.

Muzicenter gives our agency the ability to promote and present new music to media (Radio, TV, Press, DJs, Web). The interface allows the upload of artists’ new singles, albums, videos, and news. Everything is available for streaming and download.

Created in March 2000, Yacast is a specialised in audio and visual media monitoring study and technology company.

Yacast has its own Research & Development center. Every tool and interface is designed internally in order to satisfy the customer’s wishes. This gives the company more reactivity to adapt to the market’s needs.